chocolate loft

View of the dining area and kitchen

Two professors of mathematics who reside an hour’s drive from Toronto wanted to have a flexible pied-à-terre in the city. They purchased a 900 sf loft within a former chocolate factory and asked PLANT to renovate it in a way that would enable them to use the space as either a two-bedroom condominium or a one-bedroom unit with an expanded living area.

Our solution was to insert a wall that passes through the high-ceilinged unit on a gentle dogleg stretching from the hallway entry to the front of the building. Transitioning from mostly glazed at the street edge to entirely wood veneered closer to the entry, a series of sliding doors in this wall makes it possible to close off the northeast corner of the loft’s cube-like volume when a second bedroom is required, or append this space to the living room when the owners need only one bedroom. Near the entry, the wall also conceals a new bathroom and laundry room.

In keeping with the owners’ passion for numbers, many aspects of this project are visual manifestations of mathematical formulas. The pattern CNC-routed into the cherry wood-veneered Baltic Birch plywood panels of the entry niche’ s feature wall depicts nested parabolas; the shifting ratio of translucent glazing to wood veneer on the sliding doors embodies the Fibonacci sequence; and even the tile pattern in the bathroom expresses a mathematical sequence in two dimensions.

For tonal and textural consistency, all of the slip-matched veneer of the wall and entry niche was sliced from a single flitch of cherry wood. This project also includes new lighting throughout the loft, a refinished kitchen with new cabinetry and a colourful backsplash, and a new rift-sawn white oak floor.

View of the entry alcove

View of the entry alcove

View of the entry alcove equation

Detail of the entry alcove equation

View looking east

View from the entry to the Living Room

View of the living room

The Living and Dining room

View of the living room extension

Living Room / Bedroom – open

View of the living room extension doors being closed

Living Room / Bedroom – closing

Panoramic view looking south

View of the screen wall from Living Room to Entry

View of the bedroom screen - open

View from the Bedroom – open

View of the bedroom screen - closed

View from the Bedroom – closed

View of the bathroom vanity

View of the Bathroom vanity

View of the bathroom shower enclosure

View of the shower

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