Walmer Road Residence

The Kitchen

This project transformed a three-storey, 1890s house into a duplex with two two-storey units for a brother and sister. While the home’s highly detailed heritage façade to the street is preserved, the rear of the house has been opened up to the garden with a large, framed glass addition focusing on a specimen Japanese Maple.

The hodge-podge of deteriorated balconies and screens and damaged brick at the rear of the house was redesigned as a complex and unifying quilt of additions with large areas of glass, balconies of translucent polycarbonate panelling and wood panelling, and a three-storey wood privacy screen providing shelter from the neighbouring property. The main form houses the dining room, which – like a sunroom – is flooded with light that carries through to the newly renovated kitchen.

The entry to the upper duplex occupies the smaller addition. The entry stair has plenty of built-in shelving, cabinetry and seating, also acting as a library or sitting room. This redesign efficiently utilizes the stair space so that it functions as more than a mere space of circulation for the duplex.

View from the garden

View of Garden Entries and decks

View from next door

View from neighbour's deck

Second floor balcony

The Second Floor apartment deck

Second floor balcony

The Second Floor Lookout

View of kitchen

View of the Kitchen from the Sunroom

View of sunroom

The Sunroom as threshold to the garden

View of sunroom

View of the Sunroom and garden from the Kitchen

View of mudroom

Mudroom entry screen and boot storage

View of screen

View of privacy screen and Third Floor Balcony

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