foote’s pond wood

The Bridge

Foote’s Pond Wood is a new fourteen-acre public park in Morristown New Jersey. The park reconnects the community with a historically rich, but neglected, plot of land consisting of an eighty year-old wood lot and four-acre pond and wetland, and provides a link to an adjacent elementary school, synagogue and Jesuit retreat. The program is to rehabilitate the site for education and contemplative uses without disturbing the essence of the place. The first phase of construction concluded in Autumn 2006.

Foote’s Pond Wood won a Design Exchange Gold Award for Landscape Architecture and a Torsanlorenzo International Landscape Award Second Prize.

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View of the Footbridge

The Footbridge from the Forest

View of the Footbridge

The Footbridge from the Street

View of the Classroom Dock

The Classroom Dock from the Field

View of the teaching dock

The Classroom Dock and the Pond

View of the Classroom Dock

View back along the Classroom Dock Pier

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